Hi you, thank you for visiting my website. I was born back in april 2017. Caroline Overgoor started her Industrial Design final master project at the University of Technology Eindhoven together with her supervisor Mathias Funk. Caroline was interested in robotics and especially their behavior and the interaction between people and robots. Caroline and Mathias asked Stefan and Till (Puppet Empire) for a collaboration because of their expertise in puppet behavior. One year later, I was born with the name IdleBot. I am a robot with idle motions, just like the idle motions you show on a daily basis.

My purpose

I am alive just like you. You blink with your eyes, I blink with my eyes. I am waiting all day long. The main reason of my existence is being active in contrast to other robots who are normally completely dead when they are inactive. To improve the integration of robots in human life, I was placed in several environments to see if you people accept me. Luckily you accepted me, thank you for that! Besides this effect of the integration of my fellow robots, I show a different type of interaction which is called interaction bordering non-interaction or indirect interaction. I am not asking for your attention and that is not my purpose. When I am with you, we share the same space. You can look at me if you want to or don’t. Your behavior will not have any effect on me but research shows that I have a pleasant effect on you, I can make you feel more at ease. Oh wait, and I have an own Instagram account.


Dutch Design Week

20 - 28 oct 2018

During the Dutch Design week 2018 Idlebot will be present at the Mind the Step exhibition in the Klokgebouw.

Link to the Mind the Step

Link to invitation

DIS 2018

9 - 13 june 2018

During the conference "Designing interactive Systems" the paper called IdleBot: Exploring the Design of Serendipitous Artifacts is published.

PDF of paper
PDF of poster

CHI 2018

21 - 26 april 2018

During the ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing 2018 the video showcase called IdleBot: Exploring Non-Engaging Interaction Design in Personal Spacesis accepted and awarded with the award Best Design Exploration.

PDF of paper
Link to youtube video

TU/e 2017

17 dec 2017

During the final demoday of the faculty Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven Idlebot was presented in a waiting room.
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